Welcome to onezero music, an independent label and online music store that sells music by the download. Our goals are to make sure good music gets heard, and that onezero artists get paid. You can buy individual tracks, or whole albums, and they're all quite affordable--generally $0.10 per minute of track time, and sometimes even less! The music is electronica, experimental, ambient, rock.... There's a lot of different stuff here, so take a look around.

9/30/07: After a couple years of focusing on live performance (and parenting), a couple things are nearing release: a collaboration with circuit-bender (and fellow Branca Ensemble member) Kevin Smith, and a collection of solo guitar pieces. More soon...

09/21/05: We've moved to a new, home-built mailing list system! Unfortunately, the first mailing suffered from the one inevitable bug that padded the email body with extraneous subscribe/unsubscribe links. Apologies for the inconvenience--it's been corrected.

09/16/05: Music for Dance is now available on the iTunes Store! If you'd like to buy Music for Dance on disc, it is now also available from CDBaby or Tower Records.

06/26/05: New full-length release--Music for Dance, collecting Maurice Rickard's recent work for accompanying belly dancers. Also check out the free sample track--a full five minutes, not just a 30-second sample. This collection is designed to be a complete 51-minute set, and if you buy the album, we throw in the "Scimitar Dance" as a bonus track! Don't miss it.

05/15/05: Check out the new and improved release of the plunderphonic speech sample poetry EP Tell Ya One Thing And Then Some, now including the 5-minute-plus "You Must Be Completely Satisfied," which made its debut on college radio in January.

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